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The final days of 2015 are here and before the new year hits there is always that desire to tally up the year that past. 2015 was a good year for ETDC, two gallery shows with ‘In Reference‘ and ‘The Art of ‘The Divine’‘ and a lot of incredible artists took the time to sit down for interviews. Below is my attempt to list some favorite prints of the year, doing my best to not include too many ETDC released works. It should go without saying that those are all favorites.

Doing a list such as this is purely subjective — it’s guided by a singular taste. What follows may not be the pieces of paper art that were the most popular or that even adorn my own walls, but they are all illustrations that I am excited to write about and explore a bit more.








‘Kimdracula’ by Nikita Kaun

'Kimdracula' by Nikita Kaun for 'In Reference'

‘Kimdracula’ by Nikita Kaun for ‘In Reference’


Okay. I tried but had to include this print. It was created for the Evil Tender Presents: In Reference show earlier in 2015, but Russian artist Nikita Kaun delivered a stunning 24″ x 36″ screenprint. His take on the photographs from Holly Burnham and model Hattie Watson was what I hoped for — a unique and individualistic use of the imagery.


Nikita Kaun’s ‘Kimdracula’ in the ETDC Shop



‘Isle of the Dead’ by Nicolas Delort

'Isle of The Dead' by Nicolas Delort

‘Isle of The Dead’ by Nicolas Delort


France based illustrator Nicolas Delort is an excellent storyteller. This illustration, ‘Isle of The Dead‘ follows the journey of the dead to their final resting area based on the Rachmaninoff piece of the same name. Delort’s Ferryman is a cloaked body of light. The dead, a gaunt figure, illuminated. He’s captured the beauty of epic death and burial in such a way that leaves the viewer wanting, optimistically, their own demise.


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‘Andrei Rublev’ by Edward Kinsella

'Andrei Rublev' by Edward Kinsella for Black Dragon Press

‘Andrei Rublev’ by Edward Kinsella for Black Dragon Press


Missouri based illustrator Edward Kinsella‘s take on the film ‘Andrei Rublev‘ does what any good film poster should do — it makes me want to see the movie. ‘Andrei Rublev‘ is a film I hadn’t seen or heard of until Black Dragon Press released Kinsella’s print and there’s something exciting about that. Being exposed to new art. New artists.

Here Kinsella creates deep mystery, a portrait in grey and black. I bought this print at first sight and became a fan of Kinsella instantly.


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‘Purple’ by John Dyer Baizley

'Purple' by John Dyer Baizley

‘Purple’ by John Dyer Baizley


With each album by Baroness, band frontman and illustrator John Dyer Baizley creates a stunning centerpiece that acts as that album’s cover and sole imagery. For the 2015 album ‘Purple‘ Baizley’s cover is pure beauty. Also, you may recognize that face. The cover is available as a series of quadrants (not as a full piece) in the Baroness store.




‘Water’, ‘Clouds’, and ‘Sundown’ by Aaron Draplin

'Water', 'Clouds', and 'Sundown' by Aaron Draplin

‘Water’, ‘Clouds’, and ‘Sundown’ by Aaron Draplin


Water‘, ‘Clouds,’ and ‘Sundown‘ came out in 2015 round out Aaron Draplin‘s ‘Thick Lines‘ print series that started in 2014 with ‘Foliage,’ ‘Peaks,’ and ‘Sunrays.’ Each 18″ x 24″ screenprint depicts in a singular element of nature in thick lines of color. A throwback to design of the ’70s, these prints give off a warmth that one doesn’t expect from simple lines of color.

They’re courageous in their simplicity — experimental in their use of so few elements. Success because of all of it.




‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Tomer Hanuka

'A Clockwork Orange' by Tomer Hanuka

‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Tomer Hanuka


This print was part of a private commission done by illustrator Tomer Hanuka, for less than 50 people. This poster is devoid of anything outside of Alex and his fellow droogs. Donning their gear for a night of ultra-violence, the young thugs are pure energy. Swinging, fighting, laughing, gripping the very throat of life.


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Grateful Dead ‘Fare Thee Well’ Gig Poster by Richey Beckett

Grateful Dead gig poster by Richey Beckett

Grateful Dead gig poster by Richey Beckett


True Story — this gig happened in my area. My in-laws were set to attend and asked if I wanted anything. Looked over the prints for the show and wanted this one. Turns out it was by Richey Beckett. Given the intense use of color and band, it was an unexpected surprise.

Beckett is a careful and direct illustrator, taking up to a month for one drawing. This piece shows a new direction — so much color outside of Beckett’s usual 1 or 2 and a new depth of exploration with the elements outside of the figure. Beckett is a master, that’s fact.


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‘Tomorrowland’ by Laurent Durieux

'Tomorrowland' Regular Edition by Laurent Durieux

‘Tomorrowland’ Regular Edition by Laurent Durieux


Belgian illustrator Laurent Durieux has amassed an impressive catalog of film prints, but this ‘Tomorrowland‘ sums up the artist far better. There is always a sense of searching, of nostalgia to Durieux’s art prints — he’s creating the world as he wishes it were. His is a dream of sophisticated leisure, where the romance of life and science work together.


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‘Release’ by Sonny Day

'Release' by Sonny Day for 'Mind Intern'

‘Release’ by Sonny Day for ‘Mind Intern’


Australian artist Sonny Day can do funny. He can do intense. With ‘Release‘, a print from his 2015 solo show ‘Mind Intern,’ he goes introspective.

Day along with his wife and partner Biddy Maroney work as design duo We Buy Your Kids, a brand that delivers design that comes from the gut. Here, Day does the same. The great white breaks the surface, releasing the tension of the water, a gentle act of a vicious animal. Going deep into the black. I cannot say enough how much I love this print and all that Day creates whether solo or as We Buy Your Kids. They get me.


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‘Centuries’ by Kilian Eng

'Centuries' by Kilian Eng

‘Centuries’ by Kilian Eng


With ‘Centuries‘ illustrator Kilian Eng does what he does best — creates a world for the audience to fall into. There’s a level of beauty that Eng is able to reach that is so rare. With that touch of sunset and the alien lights he sets a hauntingly beautiful scene that makes you want to cry.


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‘Ant-Man’ by Kevin Tong

'Ant-Man' by Kevin Tong

‘Ant-Man’ by Kevin Tong


If illustrator Kevin Tong is anything he is inventive. Tong takes the screenprinting process to new heights with each poster he creates and with ‘Ant-Man‘ he found new ways to push the medium. With a poster for a film about a man who can shrink to the size of an ant, Tong looked to the paper itself to sell that transition and used hologram paper to show that change in real time. For the regular version on white paper, Tong mimicked the effect of the hologram paper and the hero’s change with smart use of his limited color pallette. Again, inventive.


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‘Scanners’ by Sam Wolfe Connelly

'Scanners' by Sam Wolfe Connelly

‘Scanners’ by Sam Wolfe Connelly


Scanners‘ by New York based artist Sam Wolfe Connelly is possibly his first screenprinted work. Connelly’s career leans towards fine art and the gallery world with editorial and book illustration rounding out his year.

Connelly’s take on the classic ‘Scanners‘ is purely visceral — the figure is made of evil and the gore is imminent. You can feel the entire illustration shake. This poster sweats blood.



‘Strange Attraction 2’ by Todd Slater

'Strange Attraction 2' (Blue Foil) by Todd Slater

‘Strange Attraction 2’ (Blue Foil) by Todd Slater


'Strange Attraction 2' (Red Foil) by Todd Slater

‘Strange Attraction 2’ (Red Foil) by Todd Slater


Texas’ own Todd Slater created one of my favorite prints this year, really one of my favorite things this year. His ‘Strange Attraction 2‘ print is a sublime labyrinth of the feathers and eyes of a bevy of animals.

The print was a created by a series of three copper plates with heated foil on extra thick black paper and as impressive as the process is, it’s all in aid of Slater’s vision. Slater’s greatest skill is weaving massive patterns and imagery into one cohesive whole and here he’s reached dizzying heights.


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