Art Basel 2014: Ghost Room Gallery’s ‘Stolen Kisses’



The Miami based Ghost Room Gallery brought together artists Hannah Stouffer and Johnny Vampotna for their upcoming exhibition ‘Stolen Kisses‘ that opens for Art Basel on Friday December 5th.

The duo of Stouffer and Vampotna is an inspired combination. Vampotna places the iconography of classic flash art on canvas and as an tatooist, he colors the skin. His work is bold and direct — it shows his roots. There’s a raw humanity in his color choice and composition. modern cave paintings inked in new blood.

Stouffer’s designs are myth-work, revealing fragments of some strange society. In her porcelain paintings you feel the ceremony and you sense the ritual, but what it was exactly is lost.

Her work reads like the antiques of a people long since erased. Stouffer’s work for ‘Stolen Kisses’ builds a nebulous narrative, a stake in the ground that says, ‘something important happened here.’


‘Stolen Kisses’
New works by Hannah Stouffer and Johnny Vampotna

Basel Reception – Friday December 5th, 7PM – 9PM


A note on the reception from Ghost Room Gallery  —

As an infinitely ethereal concept space, we invite you to attend our receptions with online presence only. Ghost Room Gallery operates with a concealed physical location, and our artists are the only visible attendees present during our exhibitions.’



'Invisible Spirit' by Hannah Stouffer

‘Invisible Spirit’ by Hannah Stouffer


'Confessions' by Hannah Stouffer

‘Confessions’ by Hannah Stouffer


'My End is My Beginning' by Hannah Stouffer

‘My End is My Beginning’ by Hannah Stouffer


'Prayer Hands' by Hannah Stouffer

‘Prayer Hands’ by Hannah Stouffer

'Death Becomes' by Johnny Vampotna

‘Death Becomes’ by Johnny Vampotna


'Black Cat' by Johnny Vampotna

‘Black Cat’ by Johnny Vampotna


| Ghost Room Gallery | Stolen Kisses | 2014 |

| Ghost Room Gallery | Stolen Kisses | 2014 |




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