Coming Soon: Monty Guy & Alec Huxley at Gauntlet Gallery



This Saturday November 7th, San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery opens their new exhibit ‘Stealing Time,’ a showing of new work by Alec Huxley and Monty Guy.

From Gauntlet Gallery —

‘In their works for ‘Stealing Time’ Alec Huxley and Monty Guy create arrested moments isolated from the clutter of routine life, presenting frozen adventures of the earth-bound cosmos. Huxley’s new paintings are a mixture of the familiar chic figures donning space helmets drifting through scenes resembling film noir sets, some recognizable as San Francisco landmarks. Filtered of distractions, his characters find themselves isolated amidst the skeletal structures of civilization. Much like Huxley, Monty takes moments from past experiences and perceived reality to create a surreal moment in time. His meticulous detail allows viewers to emotionally connect with the subject matter almost physically transporting them into his work. Subject matter is deeply personal to Monty since he creates it from his own intimate relationships.’

The opening reception for ‘Stealing Time‘ is on Saturday November 8th from 7PM – 10PM.

The show is on display through November 24th.

'The Wild Still Lingered' by Alec Huxley

‘The Wild Still Lingered’ by Alec Huxley


'Fearless' by Alec Huxley

‘Fearless’ by Alec Huxley


'City of Ghosts' by Alec Huxley

‘City of Ghosts’ by Alec Huxley


'Snake Charmer' by Monty Guy

‘Snake Charmer’ by Monty Guy


'Bullheaded' by Monty Guy

‘Bullheaded’ by Monty Guy


Gauntlet Gallery | Stealing Time | Monty Guy | Alec Huxley

Gauntlet Gallery | Stealing Time | Monty Guy | Alec Huxley




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