Conjuring Magic: Pearl Jam in Frankfurt by Max Löffler


For the fans that have followed the band for over three decades, the music conjured by grunge veterans Pearl Jam is timeless. They are a band in lock with their history, never losing hold of the humanity and sincerity that informed their music since the beginning. They remain alive, a living organism with its own language.

In his gig poster for the band’s 2022 performance in Frankfurt, German illustrator Max Löffler crafts an illustration that draws on the magic the band crafts between themselves and the audience. The poster plays like short fiction, an unwritten story delivered in a psychedelic wash of surrealism. The poster depicts a moment rife with mysticism. A figure overtaken by the vivid cloud released from the band’s namesake vessel. The apple stares at the audience, the apple of our eye or that of the band itself, or both. That question sits in perfect balance as both are equally correct.

The illustration feels fitting for the veteran rock band and yet stands on its own as a brilliant example of all a gig poster can accomplish. A tight narrative told with an artist’s authentic voice — an illustration that goes beyond the band, the venue, the moment it is commemorating.


Pearl Jam gig poster by Max Löffler

Pearl Jam gig poster by Max Löffler



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