The Impossible Cityscapes of Illustrator Ben Sears


In his illustration Olive Town, Ben Sears fills the canvas with the casual day to day life of a comic-inspired street corner. Sears populates the scene with any array of visually compelling citizens, each supplying a dose of lead character energy.

In the print Rock Castle City, Sears removes the ground, the Earth itself — the eponymous city suspended in the sky, clouds above and below. The lines are loose, thin. The colors reflect a perfect afternoon light. His style is comic, cartoonish in the same sense as the work of Moebius.

There is a clear reality in these impossible cityscapes, each inch clammers for attention, not with flailing arms but with condensed charm.


'Olive Town' by Ben Sears

‘Olive Town’ by Ben Sears


'Rock Castle City' by Ben Sears

‘Rock Castle City’ by Ben Sears


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