ETDC’s Favorite Posters of 2022


Picking favorites is a difficult task. A favorite changes — movies, books, comics, foodstuffs. These ebb and flow from favor to forgotten. What follows are my favorite posters of 2022 at this very moment.


At this very moment.



Wizard of Oz by Jennifer Dionosio


'The Wizard of Oz' by Jen Dionosio

‘The Wizard of Oz’ by Jen Dionosio


Jennifer Dionosio is a favorite of mine and her duet of posters for Wizard of Oz highlight the quality of magic she creates. An incredible likeness and impossibly rich color. The flowers build in size, a fluttering of blossoming red coming at the viewer. Judy’s gaze is one of wonder and worry.



FutureNever cover art by Matt Ryan Tobin


Daniel Johns artwork for 'Futurenever' by Matt Ryan Tobin

Daniel Johns artwork for ‘Futurenever’ by Matt Ryan Tobin


Canadian illustrator Matt Ryan Tobin has been on a tear these last few years crafting work that puts on display what illustrated screenprints can accomplish. His cover illustration for Australian musician Daniel Johns‘ 2022 release FutureNever is an entire career layered into a single portrait. Tobin’s marble bust of Johns follows along the story Johns is telling with his album FutureNever and the surrounding events — an entire musical history exploding into the future. As a fan of Johns and his enormous musical legacy, Tobin’s illustration hits just right.



Jaws 2 by Rafa Oricco


'Jaws 2' by Rafa Oricco

‘Jaws 2’ by Rafa Oricco


I do not recall anything about the film Jaws 2 but I feel like I’ve seen it. I’m guessing it is just as shark related as the first film. Rafa Oricco‘s poster for identifies the shark, the blood, the sun. It is an expertly designed poster — brilliant text treatment and the adore the rough-hewn quality of Xerox copied construction.



‘The Tempest’ by Aleah Chapin


'The Tempest' by Aleah Chapin

‘The Tempest’ by Aleah Chapin


Painter Aleah Chapin made a limited edition run of prints of The Tempest and I love her for it. Chapin’s work is haunting and lovely, but an original work is quite expensive. I appreciate when traditional artists make affordable versions of their work. In The Tempest, Chapin captures a woman mid-holler — her face caught in a guttural roar against the burgeoning storm, or perhaps a desperate cry for it to begin.


‘Bullhead’ by Laurent Durieux


'Bullhead' by Laurent Durieux

‘Bullhead’ by Laurent Durieux


Belgian illustrator Laurent Durieux creates work perfectly aligned with the romanticism of cinema. Bullhead is a brutal film, yet Durieux works his magic and composes from the perspective of Matthias Schoenaerts’ stellar performance as Jacky. 

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