‘Peanuts: Seasons’ by Chris Thornley


Since emerging from the imagination of Charles Schulz in 1950, The Peanuts characters have told the stories of holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. With his series of posters released by Dark Hall Mansion in 2017, illustrator Chris Thornley (aka Raid71) enters Schulz’s landmark comic to share the spirit of the seasons.

In each of his four posters, Thornley adheres to Schulz’s visual template for the characters with Charlie Brown and friends presented in all of their bulbous headed truth. Thornley enters the world of Peanuts through his stylized environments and impactful blend of muted colors. His treatment of the landscape is built around high contrast — deep reds and black set against the color of yellowed cream. There’s a warmth to Thornley’s use of color, the subdued tones are an easy dive into the classically suburban neighborhood of Schulz’s creations.

Thornley strikes a balance between Schulz’s style and his own. The artist is present in the flair in the branches of Spring, the feathered shrubs of Summer, the richness of burnt orange and beet reds of Fall, and the dappled cream of Winter. It’s Charlie Brown in four parts, the eternal loser found in those moments where he is his most everyday-self.


'Peanuts Seasons, Spring' by Chris Thornley

‘Peanuts Seasons, Spring’ by Chris Thornley


'Peanuts Seasons, Summer' by Chris Thornley

‘Peanuts Seasons, Summer’ by Chris Thornley


'Peanuts Seasons, Fall' by Chris Thornley

‘Peanuts Seasons, Fall’ by Chris Thornley


'Peanuts Seasons, Winter' by Chris Thornley

‘Peanuts Seasons, Winter’ by Chris Thornley


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