Creating The Future-Self: The Art of Kenva


The images are connected through color palette — the high contrast of primary colors, the muted top notes of each. The illustrations share the concept of birth, rebirth — the discovery of the future-self via automation. These pieces by artist Kenva are not a collection of works in the traditional sense, but a series of cinematic moments drunk on the magic and possibility of science-fiction.

In Birth, Kenva crafts an industrial other-world of conduit and steel — both visually practical and emotionally cosmic. At its center, a hairless figure floats in a tube glowing fluid. In his exploration of creation through artificial means, each moment of the process is devoid of life. The vast interiors are faceless — nothing there to assist in the manufacturing of a being.

The future Kenva creates is one focused on the harnessing of technology to not better humanity, but to better technology itself. This distinction gives the machinery purpose, a voice. The apparatuses are the main characters across these pieces, evolving something greater than itself.


'Birth' by Kenva

‘Birth’ by Kenva


'Rebirth' by Kenva

‘Rebirth’ by Kenva


'Android' by Kenva

‘Android’ by Kenva


'Loading' by Kenva

‘Loading’ by Kenva


'Crystal Energy' by Kenva

‘Crystal Energy’ by Kenva

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