A Curl of Blood: The Digital Works of WGMeets


The digital work of artist WGMeets is an internal hum visualized. The work shifts from impossible landscapes to portraiture of the innermost living segments of the world — the caesura between the infinite digital realm and the plausibility of the natural world.

WGMeets takes on abstraction with a bent towards the organic. Their piece Change My Mind goes inward, the generative curl of blood, the soundless pause of life. Their MAD/2_Config NFT moves beyond the default fractals of digital software. Life is a wave of motherboard light, transcendent. In each piece is the exploration of shape and color, the depth of field and texture that the tools of digital art excel at.


'Life' by WGMeets

‘Life’ by WGMeets


'MAD/2_Config' by WGMeets

‘MAD/2_Config’ by WGMeets


'Tememe' by WGMeets

‘Tememe’ by WGMeets


'Change My Mind' by WGMeets

‘Change My Mind’ by WGMeets


'Manifest Makina' by WGMeets

‘Manifest Makina’ by WGMeets


'Swathe Of Man' by WGMeets

‘Swathe Of Man’ by WGMeets


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