Evil Tender Presents: ‘La traviata’ by Anne Benjamin


At the core of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera La traviata stands Violetta, the courtesan — her life at the nexus of giving love for money and true love. In the background, she awaits her oncoming death. She is the tragic heroine of her own story.

For her take on La traviata, Anne Benjamin shows us Violetta in full bloom — the yellow of the sun at her face, the green dress rich enough to grow the camellia in her hand. Rather than showcase the tragic end, Benjamin highlights her lavish and joy-filled life.


On Friday, April 16th 10AM PST, La traviata by Anne Benjamin will be available in the ETDC Shop.

Black Dragon Press will have prints available shipping from the UK. Details on the print are below. 


"La traviata' by Anne Benjamin

“La traviata’ by Anne Benjamin


‘La traviata’ by Anne Benjamin

18″ x 24″ Screenprint

6 Colors on Insulation Pink French t Paper

Printed by Delicious Design League

Limited Edition of 100



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