Pixels in Pixels Out: Matt Griffin’s NFT ‘HeadGear’ Series


Humanity’s achievements in space are limited mainly by our ability to simply survive in the dead frost of interstellar vastness. Even with modern technology, once beyond Earth’s atmosphere our bodies adapt, fail, suffer, evolve, or die. Ireland based-artist Matt Griffin explores these limitations and the man-crafted tools imagined to take us beyond the known universe.

Griffin’s HeadGear series imagines how mankind could survive beyond our native skies. He expands and beautifies the common flight helmet into fragments of imagination and practical elements — piping and wiring, cycloptic glass framework. His figures, male and female, absorb the workload into the darkness of their flight suit. His art is composed of pure thrill. These are the science-fiction dreams of someone who has not lost their boyhood enthusiasm for robots, the future, and outer space.

Griffin’s art begins and ends with the computer — there is nothing truer to his intent than the pixels glowing on your screen. Numbered and named and with most images being animated, he’s designed his HeadGear NFTs in the format of classic collectible cards. Griffin’s work has been printed as limited screenprints and in books, but it is his NFTs where his artistic intentions are their most pure. Each is alive, moving with invisible energy, life through electricity.


'HeadGear // One' by Matt Griffin

‘HeadGear // One’ by Matt Griffin


'HeadGear // Four' by Matt Griffin

‘HeadGear // Four’ by Matt Griffin


'HeadGear // Eight' by Matt Griffin

‘HeadGear // Eight’ by Matt Griffin


'HeadGear // Two' by Matt Griffin

‘HeadGear // Two’ by Matt Griffin


'HeadGear // Nine' by Matt Griffin

‘HeadGear // Nine’ by Matt Griffin


'HeadGear // Six' by Matt Griffin

‘HeadGear // Six’ by Matt Griffin


'HeadGear 360 // Two' (animation still) by Matt Griffin

‘HeadGear 360 // Two’ (still from animation) by Matt Griffin


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