A Brief Look: ‘PDLM-003A’ by Matthew Woodson


In each piece by artist Matthew Woodson there is a search for something akin to peace. The adventures that take place in his illustrations do not end in tragedy or chaos, but gentle curiosity. Each is a new world to slowly fold yourself into. These are depictions of pure silence.

Woodson titles his work with internal code —  LCM-004A, PDLM-0001, PDLM-003A. He leaves nothing for the audience to read into but the image itself. In PDLM-003A, a balloon has been tethered to a desert floor. Two dogs sniff about the area, finding nothing. The sun sits mid-sky, horizon blurred from paper-white to static grey. The balloon, or perhaps a tent, is the work of a traveler. A nomad.

The print itself is only three colors laid down on cream paper and you cannot imagine anything else being needed to bring the moment to life. Visually, Woodson has a minimalist approach but his ideas are grand, the scope of the story looks beyond the canvas.


'PDLM-003A' (Regular) by Matthew Woodson

‘PDLM-003A’ (Regular) by Matthew Woodson


'PDLM-003A' (BRLSQ Variant) by Matthew Woodson

‘PDLM-003A’ (BRLSQ Variant) by Matthew Woodson


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