Wickedness & Laughter: The Art of Das Frank


Artist Das Frank colors his voice through painting, sculpture, and tattooing, and with each movement he moves deftly between pop culture and political satire, depicting both through a yellowed lens of nostalgia. His take on cinema is one of sincere love and a genuine understanding of the property. Frank works with a wonderful painterly touch, providing the likes of Marty McFly and Doc Brown with the poster they would have received had the film came out in the 1950s.

Frank’s political work finds his nostalgic bent mixing with wicked humor. His Tears of a Clown puts Donald Trump in Emmett Kelly’s sad hobo pose while his series of Positive Propaganda illustrations deliver hope through the World War II era propaganda poster.


'Positive Progaganda II' by Das Frank

‘Positive Progaganda II’ by Das Frank


'The Reposession' By Das Frank

‘The Reposession’ By Das Frank


'Terror At Twin Pines' By Das Frank

‘Terror At Twin Pines’ By Das Frank


'Tears Of A Clown' by Das Frank

‘Tears Of A Clown’ by Das Frank


'It Only Takes One' by Das Frank

‘It Only Takes One’ by Das Frank


'The Explorers' By Das Frank

‘The Explorers’ By Das Frank


'Anatomical Igor' By Das Frank

‘Anatomical Igor’ By Das Frank


'The One Commandment' by Das Frank

‘The One Commandment’ by Das Frank


'Vote You Nerds!' By Das Frank

‘Vote You Nerds!’ By Das Frank


'Surf Nazis Must Die' By Das Frank

‘Surf Nazis Must Die’ By Das Frank


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