A Brief Look: ‘limited to one’ by Daniel Danger


Daniel Danger is not an artist to present the world as it is, or with any sense of a shared experience with people, en masse. His art is centered on the artist himself, his current state. Self-portraiture realized through aged buildings, ghosts, and the dead quiet of empty spaces. If there is a place for his being within a poster for a film or music event, he will find it. If not, the poster will not happen.

Danger’s art print ‘limited to one‘ moves beyond his focus on the self and presents a piece where he is here with us, recognition that he is not on this world alone. In this poster the figure is all of us as much as it is him, as best he is able to be present. The records on the floor, traces of his personal evolution.

Danger titles his work in prose. The title, ‘limited to one,’ is the language of limited-edition collectibles. It is also the language of our current state of isolation. The girl in her room, child-like stars on the ceiling, in a shared space of music creation and appreciation. Danger tilts the camera — she is crowded. Smothered, yet unaware, or perhaps enjoying her time, limited to herself and what brings her comfort. The poster is a visual treatise on our modern anxieties and the tools, personalized, to move through it all.


'limited to one' By Daniel Danger

‘limited to one’ By Daniel Danger


'limited To one' (detail) By Daniel Danger

‘limited to one’ (detail) By Daniel Danger


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