‘Birds of Prey’ by Vanessa Foley


UK based artist Vanessa Foley has teamed up with Black Dragon Press to release her set of prints, Birds of Prey. In this trio of 12″ x 16″ giclees, Foley depicts the Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, and Osprey with Black Dragon Press offering them as a set for £180 or individually for £60.

Foley has dedicated her career to exploring the many variations of the bird, an animal that no matter how many images are captured, remain out of reach of humanity. As Foley explained in her 2017 interview with ETDC,  “I notice details that don’t always come across in photos or videos of birds, even the weight of a bird on my arm helps my understanding of how I should portray it. But also on a deeper level, I like to be able to make eye contact with the bird and to really experience a connection to such an unknowable creature, this is something I strive to express constantly in my work.”


Foley’s Birds of Prey are available now from Black Dragon Press.



'Peregrine Falcon' by Vanessa Foley

‘Peregrine Falcon’ by Vanessa Foley

'Bald Eagle' by Vanessa Foley

‘Bald Eagle’ by Vanessa Foley


'Osprey' by Vanessa Foley

‘Osprey’ by Vanessa Foley


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