Illustrator Florian Bertmer takes on Rick & Morty


The animation of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is built around simple shapes and colors. It is as visually blunt as it is thematically nuanced. The trio of Rick and Morty posters illustrated by artist Florian Bertmer brings the complex nature of the show’s narrative into self-contained moments, the absurd chaos of the titular character’s universe given a direct and thoughtful treatment by Bertmer, styles of both artist and property existing harmoniously.

Bertmer’s posters (made for Bottleneck Gallery) show the world of Rick and Morty as it is, suburban and nonsensical, erratically nihilistic. Bertmer takes the clean visual format of the show and adds depth and detail, aligning the show’s absurdist bent with his crisp strain of cartoonish realism.


'Mr. Meeseeks' by Florian Bertmer

‘Mr. Meeseeks’ by Florian Bertmer


'Mr. Poopybutthole' by Florian Bertmer

‘Mr. Poopybutthole’ by Florian Bertmer


'Rick Sanchez' by Florian Bertmer

‘Rick Sanchez’ by Florian Bertmer

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