A Brief Look: The Art of Chantal Horeis


The line between analog and digital art diminishes with each passing moment. Drawings — tangible, made of graphite and ink, are bound for the scanner, saved to a hard drive, and re-worked in countless ways. An infinite string of ‘undos’ begats an infinite string of possibilities. The original elements, that analog sheet of paper, slowly evolve, buried or enhanced, under an artifice of digitized idealization. The work of Stockholm based artist Chantal Horeis appears more at home on the surface of Bristol paper, pencil and watercolor than created in a slab of software, yet Horeis’s illustrations are dominantly colored and edited in Photoshop.

Horeis keeps a consistent color palette throughout her portfolio, one of a sun-soaked haze of yellows, greens, and oranges. Her illustrations are organic — soft and elegant. Each final piece keeps the rawness of her linework, bringing to life surreal moments of quietude, singular fantasies bathed in her special brand of autumnal light. A skilled teacher, Horeis keeps a small batch of tutorials on the digital side of her work on her YouTube channel.



'Keep Me Company' by Chantal Horeis

‘Keep Me Company’ by Chantal Horeis


'Cut' by Chantal Horeis

‘Cut’ by Chantal Horeis


'To Become One Of You' by Chantal Horeis

‘To Become One Of You’ by Chantal Horeis


'Seen' by Chantal Horeis

‘Seen’ by Chantal Horeis


'Blind Date' by Chantal Horeis

‘Blind Date’ by Chantal Horeis


'Changing Seasons' by Chantal Horeis

‘Changing Seasons’ by Chantal Horeis


'Forever' by Chantal Horeis

‘Forever’ by Chantal Horeis

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