A Brief Look: Dan Quintana’s ‘Drop’


The work of Los Angeles artist Dan Quintana focuses on the female body — not sexualized or idolized, but the pure shape of it. Figure as texture. As a conceptual anchor for the canvas at large. A fine artist by trade, Quintana’s drawing ‘Badaboom‘ finds the artist at play in the pop culture world of Luc Besson’s 1997 film The Fifth Element.

In ‘Badaboom’ Quintana depicts Leloo, one of Hollywood’s more interesting heroines perched on a ledge, moments away from a narrative changing descent. Quintana keeps the figure central, weightless on the page. There is no attention paid to an exact likeness to Leloo’s actor counterpart, all attention is on the moment, the fey and elfen Leloo pushing herself from the side of the building.

Quintana’s ‘Drop‘ is a colored version of his drawing turned into a limited edition print. In color, the drama is beautified and fearless. Again, Quintana stayed away from a picture accurate portrayal of Milla Jovovich, the actress in the role, but instead stayed true to writer/director Luc Besson’s intention behind the character. She is fearless, highly-intelligent, and of course, beautiful. Quintana translates Besson’s vision perfectly, that of Leloo, the one true perfect being.


‘What’s the use of saving life when you see what you do with it?’


– Leeloo


'Badaboom' by Dan Quintana (8" x 10" Ink on Paper)

‘Badaboom’ by Dan Quintana (8″ x 10″ Ink on Paper)


'Drop' by Dan Quintana

‘Drop’ by Dan Quintana

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