Vice Press Celebrates 40 Years of 2000AD



In 1977 writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra created a character who would become an icon of our shared Dystopian narrative, a scowl-faced anti-hero who acts as police, judge, jury, and executioner. Judge Dredd. Created for the British anthology comic 2000AD, Dredd is the longest running character in the series.

To celebrate 40 years of Judge Dredd and 2000AD, UK based print house Vice Press is holding a month-long gallery exhibit of art created in tribute to the long standing series and its characters. The event, ‘Zarjaz!: An Art Tribute to 40 Years of 2000AD’ will highlight the many artists who have worked on Dredd and the 2000AD pantheon of heroes and the stylistic evolution of the legendary book. The exhibit runs in conjunction with Though Bubble Comic Art Festival taking place in Leeds September 18th through the 24th and Vice Press will have a special event at The Gallery at Munro House to celebrate on September 22nd.



‘Zarjaz!: An Art Tribute to 40 Years of 2000AD’

September 1st to September 30th

The Gallery at Munro House, Leeds


Thought Bubble Exhibition Event

Friday, September 22nd 7PM – 10PM



'Judge Dredd' by Michael Cho

‘Judge Dredd’ by Michael Cho


'Savage' by Charlie Adlard

‘Savage’ by Charlie Adlard


'Judge Dredd' by David Aja

‘Judge Dredd’ by David Aja


'Strontium Dog' (Regular) by Chris Weston

‘Strontium Dog’ (Regular) by Chris Weston


'Bad Company' by Brett Ewins

‘Bad Company’ by Brett Ewins

'Judge Dredd' (Variant) by Carlos Ezquerra

‘Judge Dredd’ (Variant) by Carlos Ezquerra


'Judge Dredd' by Carlos Ezquerra

‘Judge Dredd’ by Carlos Ezquerra


'2000AD Future Shock' by Jock

‘2000AD Future Shock’ by Jock



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