Kilian Eng’s ‘The Last Wave’



Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng is a master fantasist, an explorer of the possible future. Eng’s version of science fiction contains magic and hope, a strange optimism in the face of the unknown universe.

Print house Grey Matter Art is set to release ‘The Last Wave,’ a new art print by Eng. ‘The Last Wave‘ shows Eng’s optimism possibly fading — is this warehouse of automatons the ‘last wave’ of soldiers, the ‘last wave’ of destruction? Eng’s illustration shows the potential threat of innovation and technological progress and with no central figure for the audience to align themselves with, we are left to wonder, are we in control of the army or are we the enemy?


‘The Last Wave’ will be in the Grey Matter Shop Thursday January 12th at 1PM EST.



'The Last Wave' by Kilian Eng for Grey Matter Art

‘The Last Wave’ by Kilian Eng for Grey Matter Art


‘The Last Wave’ by Kilian Eng

24″ x 36″ Screen Print

Printed by D&L Screenprinting

Limited Edition of 200




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