Black Dragon Press Presents the ‘Three Colors Trilogy’



Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieślowski‘s 1993 film ‘Blue‘ was his first installment of his ‘Three Colors Trilogy,’ a series that explores liberty (Blue), equality (White), and fraternity (Red) — the political ideals of the French Republic. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Kieślowski’s passing, UK based print house Black Dragon Press is set to release limited edition screenprints for each film in the Three Colors Trilogy.

In ‘Blue‘ Kieślowski took the concept of liberty to emotional harrowing depths — a young woman loses both her husband daughter in a car crash, and throughout the film we witness her slowly liberating herself from the past, her family; from any connection to potential emotional heartache. For their limited edition poster series Black Dragon Press turned to Los Angeles based illustrator Victo Ngai, whose work is hypnotic by nature. Ngai will handle illustration duties across the series and here she splays the contents of her subject across the canvas — a narrative in full autopsy.

The first in the series is ‘Blue.’ Ngai places the pain and tragedy at the core of Kieślowski’s film within the main character Julie — her suffering hidden from the world. Julie, in the depth of the pool, her place of catharsis — unable to escape the reminders of her former life. The film is one of heartache and mourning and the attempt to escape the pain of loss. Ngai’s illustration focuses on the peace that Julie is seeking — liberation through the quiet removal of oneself from the world.

Victo Ngai’s posters for Kieślowski’s ‘Three Colors Trilogy‘ will be available as a subscription starting Tuesday October 4th 4PM GMT through Thursday October 5th for the discounted price of £120 plus one cost of shipping. Outside of the subscription there will be an edition of 100 each with tiered pricing — £50 for first 40 orders, £70 for next 40, and £90 for final 20, with ‘Bleu‘ being available Thursday October 6th at 5PM GMT. Ngai’s ‘White‘ and ‘Red‘ illustrations will be revealed at a later date.


Pre-Order ‘The Three Colors Trilogy’ by Victo Ngai from Black Dragon Press 

Tuesday October 4th at 4PM GMT  



'Bleu' by Victo Ngai for Black Dragon Press

‘Bleu’ by Victo Ngai for Black Dragon Press


Trois Couleurs: Bleu

by Victo Ngai

For Black Dragon Press

18″ x 27″ 11 Color Screenprint

Limited Edition of 100 (Plus Subscriptions)

£50 for first 40 orders, £70 for next 40, £90 for final 20



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