‘Youth in The City’ by Chris Jalufka Book Release


ETDC Press released the book ‘Youth in The City: Various Small Fictions‘ by Chris Jalufka, a collection of short stories that keep a loose connection — a series of narrators wander the City in part imagined future, part internal monologue. ‘Youth in The City‘ is a voyeuristic look inside these lives — lost, in search of connection, of meaning.

Youth in The City’ is illustrated by London-based artist Thomas Danthony, whose art evokes the themes and mood of the book. The stories gain added depth with the artwork at their side.

The stories come together as a fragmented novella, and with Danthony’s illustrations ‘Youth in The City‘ takes on a graphic novel sheen. A collection of stories following lonely drifters, doing their best to make the City their home.


‘Youth in The City: Various Small Fictions’ is available for $20 in the ETDC Shop





MP3 Download – ‘When It’s Summer’ from ‘Youth in The City’ read by the author 


Listen to ‘When It’s Summer’ on Soundcloud


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