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Coming to Austin’s Mondo Gallery on Friday June 24th is Info•Rama, an exhibit featuring new work from illustrators Kevin Tong, Tom Whalen, and Matt Taylor. The first Info•Rama exhibit opened in 2014 at the Los Angeles Phonebooth Gallery, where Tong and Whalen brought the factual to life through a series of limited edition infographic posters depicting the history of the Transcontinental Railroad, the biology of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the 1924 launch of the ZR-3, the USS Los Angeles airship built by the Zeppelin company. This first show begat an online continuation of the idea spawning a string of new infographic prints from Tong and Whalen as well as illustrators Randy Ortiz, Eric Tan, DKNG, and Diana Sudyka.

Info•Rama is the perfect blend of taking notice of the world around you and how the task of informing the public of such things as product assembly or where you can walk your dog falls under the responsibility of illustrators and designers. The common sight of public signage never spotlights the work of the designer alone at her desk, diligently creating images that read clearly and inform the audience of what needs to be known. This role, at some point or another, has been held by even the most illustrious of illustrators.

Tong and Whalen expand their world of Info•Rama once again for their upcoming exhibit in Austin, this time enlisting UK based illustrator Matt Taylor into their ranks and highlighting the information inherent in pop culture properties from the technological DNA of the Batmobile, the universe of The Avengers, to the military expanse of the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars narrative.



Featuring new work from Kevin Tong, Tom Whalen, and Matt Taylor

Opening Reception Friday June 24th, 7PM – 10PM 

Runs through July 9th at the Mondo Gallery



'The Military Forces of the Galactic Empire' (Regular) by Kevin Tong

‘The Military Forces of the Galactic Empire’ (Regular) by Kevin Tong


'The Military Forces of the Galactic Empire' (Variant) by Kevin Tong

‘The Military Forces of the Galactic Empire’ (Variant) by Kevin Tong


'The Avengers' by Matt Taylor

‘The Avengers’ by Matt Taylor


'The Batmobile' by Tom Whalen

‘The Batmobile’ by Tom Whalen





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