The ‘Beast Wagon’ Comic Book Tour



On June 25th, UK based illustrator John Pearson is bringing his comic book ‘Beast Wagon‘ to Austin’s own Austin Books & Comics for a book signing before moving on to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Pearson will be joined by ‘Beast Wagon‘ writer Owen Michael Johnson on select UK dates.

From the publisher —

In the middle of a summer heatwave, the new arrival at Whipsnarl Zoo heralds a primal disturbance amongst its animal population. Some believe it the harbinger of a vast cosmic event. For others, it is simply another prisoner. For some, it is a reason to revolt.

Over the course of the day, the human and animal interactions grow stranger, and the boundary between the two begins to blur…

BEAST WAGON is a black comedy comic book created by Owen Michael Johnson (British Comic Award-nominated Raygun Roads, Reel Love) and illustrator John Pearson with Colin Bell (Curb Stomp).

Beast Wagon‘ is self-published through Changeling Studios, who also released Johnson’s ‘Reel Love‘ and ‘Raygun Road‘ comics. This DIY brand of creation and promotion is both exciting and vital — with ‘Beast Wagon‘ Johnson and Pearson are putting out their brand of incredibly immediate and honest work into the vein of current pop culture.

For those unable to make it to a signing, ‘Beast Wagon‘ is available in the Changeling Studios Shop.

‘Beast Wagon’ Book Tour 2016


Austin, TX — Signing at Austin Books & Comics on June 25th 

San Francisco, CA — Exhibition and signing at Mission Comics. Signing on July 13th

Los Angeles, CA — Signing at Meltdown on July 16th



Beast Wagon Tour Poster

Beast Wagon Tour Poster


Beast Wagon 'Tails'

Beast Wagon ‘Tails’


Excerpt from 'Beast Wagon'

Excerpt from ‘Beast Wagon’


Beast Wagon by Michael Owen Johnson and John Pearson

Beast Wagon by Owen Michael Johnson and John Pearson


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