A Brief Look: Aaron Horkey’s ‘The Snare’



On September 12th, 2015 Los Angeles based gallery Thinkspace held the opening reception for ‘The Gilded Age,’ a three artist exhibition curated by Aaron Horkey featuring Horkey, Esao Andrews, and Joao Ruas. For ‘The Gilded Age,’ Horkey debuted his acrylic painting ‘The Snare‘ alongside a new collection of work. Horkey is at his best with paints in hand, setting aside the demands of bands and film properties for illustrated poster work and explores his version of the natural world.

Conceptually, ‘The Snare‘ is one of Horkey’s more arresting pieces. Built of Earth-born elements, ‘The Snare‘ hangs as foreign technology of ancient design. He weaves in a sense of the supernatural and superstitious into the practical with ‘The Snare‘ being both ritualistic and utilitarian, Horkey’s brand of hunter-gatherer baroque. The painting plays with the rules of the natural order and perspective — the owl, at rest. Is this bird of prey part of the trap, the lure, or is it the keeper of the snare? Is it the prey itself?

In conjunction with The Vacvvm, Horkey released ‘The Snare‘ as a varnished giclee art print. This edition gave everyone a chance to own a proper reproduction, complete with a certificate of authenticity. This is a rare treat from Horkey (the original, a 9″ x 17″ acrylic painting on cradled birch panel, sold for $18,000 when on display at Thinkspace for ‘The Gilded Age’), an affordable masterpiece — sophisticated in concept and execution.



'The Snare' by Aaron Horkey

‘The Snare’ by Aaron Horkey


‘The Snare’ by Aaron Horkey

10.5″ x 19″ Varnished Giclee Art Print

Certificate of Authenticity

Timed Edition

$100 (Sold Out)




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