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The upcoming gallery show ‘In Our Veins‘ at Toronto’s Nuvango Gallery can be called painter Jason Edmiston‘s baby — he created two new pieces for the show but even more than that, as his first curated gallery exhibit he was able to assemble an unreal list of nineteen fellow painters, sculptors, and illustrators from across North America.

For his own paintings for ‘In Our Veins‘ Edmiston takes a step away, or really a step behind the horror genre that made him a prominent artist in the field of pop culture art. His paintings for the event, ‘Model as Subject: Ash‘ and ‘Model as Subject: Daenerys,’ both find him exploring beyond monsters and villains. The paintings are incredible renderings of reference photographs for two of Edmiston’s earlier works with the artist including the minor yet truthful touches of errant CDs on a desk and the stand and cord of the light used to illuminate the scene. It’s a brilliant take on an artist sharing his process while adding a few more layers to his ever developing craft. Following his 2015 solo show ‘Eyes Without a Face,’ these two paintings find Edmiston entering into an exciting new creative period.

Through ‘In Our Veins‘ Edmiston gets to bring together a group of his talented friends and peers, a group whose careers may share a common beginning, but each has taken their own unique path through illustration, pop culture, and fine art. As Edmiston puts it, “In Our Veins will allow a rare opportunity to see 15 + of the world’s leading pop culture inspired artists to showcase their works together, celebrating their passions and inspirations. The show is meant as a showcase not only for their talents, but for the subjects that influenced their artistic journey, and themes that have woven through their works throughout their careers.”

Edmiston has had multiple solo exhibits, but ‘In Our Veins‘ offers a different type of challenge and opportunity. For Edmiston, “This show is very important to me, as I’ve always wanted to pick a group of my favorite painters and draughtsmen and sculptors in the business, most of whom I’ve shared clients with, and got them together in my home city, where there is a huge love for this style of work. Toronto has the same tastes as larger U.S. cities, but doesn’t often get to enjoy the original works in this manner, due to geography, or population.”

The exhibit is currently available for pre-sale in the Nuvango Gallery shop.


‘In Our Veins’ opens February 11th at the Nuvango Gallery and will feature new work from the following — 




'God's Ego' by Paul Jackson

‘God’s Ego’ by Paul Jackson


'Target Practice' by Kevin Tong

‘Target Practice’ by Kevin Tong


'No Sleep' by Justin Hopkins

‘No Sleep’ by Justin Hopkins


'Cleft' by Colin Christian

‘Cleft’ by Colin Christian


'Dance With Me' by Sam Wolfe Connelly

‘Dance With Me’ by Sam Wolfe Connelly


'Electric Daisy' by Sarah Joncas

‘Electric Daisy’ by Sarah Joncas


'Model as Subject: Ash' by Jason Edmiston

‘Model as Subject: Ash’ by Jason Edmiston


'Model as Subject: Daenerys' by Jason Edmiston

‘Model as Subject: Daenerys’ by Jason Edmiston


| In Our Veins | Nuvango Gallery |

| In Our Veins | Nuvango Gallery |


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