In the Gallery: ‘Night & Day’ at Campfire Gallery



On Saturday September 12th, San Francisco’s Campfire gallery will present its latest exhibition, ‘Night & Day‘ featuring the work of Eric Petersen and Andrew Macrae.

Petersen’s digital illustrations are rough hewn moments of anxiety — confusion. Dreamlike and machine-driven scenes that place the viewer inside simple, yet odd, events.

Hanging alongside Petersen’s new work are the watercolor and gouche paintings of Andrew Macrae. Macrae’s canvases have a wonderful sense of exploration as his forms shift from the organic to the surreal.


Campfire Gallery Presents ‘Night & Day’ 

The Work of Eric Petersen and Andrew Macrae

Opening Reception on Saturday September 12th 2015 7PM – 1PM



'The Sum Worth' by Eric Petersen

‘The Sum Worth’ by Eric Petersen


'You Know What To Do' by Eric Petersen

‘You Know What To Do’ by Eric Petersen


'Make Yourself Comfortable' by Eric Petersen

‘Make Yourself Comfortable’ by Eric Petersen


'Dishonesty Moral Landscape' by Andrew Macrae

‘Dishonesty Moral Landscape’ by Andrew Macrae


'Invisible Peripheral' by Andrew Macrae

‘Invisible Peripheral’ by Andrew Macrae


'Chemical Messenger' by Andrew Macrae

‘Chemical Messenger’ by Andrew Macrae


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