A Brief Look: The Delicate Work of Ray Caesar



In the work of Canadian painter Ray Caesar are a cast of characters delicately rendered and imbued with a profound level of beauty — these figures are ageless, a bevy of Romanticist oracles.

Each of Caesar’s digital canvases act as a summation of dreams; the moment the mind goes and the truth finds its light, a cryptic honesty, more felt than understood. Each character stands as the key to the viewer’s own internal puzzle.

There is a wealth of pertinent information on Caesar’s history — there’s his time working in a children’s hospital, the death of his parents, his deceased mother visiting him in his dreams. It is worth noting that In this interview with the Huffington Post from 2011 Caesar goes in depth into who he is as an artist and as a man. An interesting read.



'Aria' by Ray Caesar

‘Aria’ by Ray Caesar


'Day After Yesterday' by Ray Caesar

‘Day After Yesterday’ by Ray Caesar


'A Beautiful Thought' by Ray Caesar

‘A Beautiful Thought’ by Ray Caesar


'Palpitation' by Ray Caesar

‘Palpitation’ by Ray Caesar


'Madame Mutt' by Ray Caesar

‘Madame Mutt’ by Ray Caesar


'Mother And Child' by Ray Caesar

‘Mother And Child’ by Ray Caesar


'Beloved' by Ray Caesar

‘Beloved’ by Ray Caesar



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