A Brief Look: The Art of JC Richard


The work of Massachusetts based artist JC Richard is born from the simplest beauty of his subject. When at play in the world of comic book hero such as ‘Superman,’ Richard connects the humanity of the immortal to the landscape — they are not separate, but two elements that complete each other. The outcast Clark Kent and his Fortress of Solitude, both stunning and remote, cold and distant — Superman and his home depicted as a single being.

Richard’s ability to bring an environment to life is breathtaking. He’s a naturalist with the ability to remove himself, and with omniscient perspective give the viewer the purity of the moment. He sees the scope of a narrative and rather than focus on a single character or titular event, bring the tectonic heartbeat of his canvas to life in epic realism.

A painting from Richard is similar to watching the stars at night — when you really see it your heartbreaks, overwhelmed by vast beauty of its existence.


'The Desert Sands' by JC Richard

‘The Desert Sands’ by JC Richard


'Jurassic Park' by JC Richard

‘Jurassic Park’ by JC Richard


'The Forest Sentries' by JC Richard

‘The Forest Sentries’ by JC Richard


'Fortress Of Solitude' by JC Richard

‘Fortress Of Solitude’ by JC Richard


'The Map Room' by JC Richard

‘The Map Room’ by JC Richard


'The Last Rebel' by JC Richard

‘The Last Rebel’ by JC Richard


'Prometheus' by JC Richard

‘Prometheus’ by JC Richard


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