A Brief Look: Print Mafia & The Well



From Ohio comes The Well, a not-for-profit t-shirt company raising funds for a variety of organizations in the Cincinnati area. Their goal is modest but direct. Get talented artists and print makers to create t-shirts and sell them, with a majority of that going directly to the cause.

I found out about The Well through Kentucky-based printmaking duo Print Mafia who offered their services with the shirt ‘Meet the Tiger,’ which raises money for Tap Cancer Out, an organization of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes who raise funds through tournaments and merchandise.

There are a lot of great causes out there and a lot of folks doing what they can to raise a few dollars to help out those in need. Visit The Well‘s online store to see if a shirt sparks your eyeballs or a cause hits you in the right spot. You never know. Plus, everyone could use a new favorite t-shirt.


'Meet The Tiger' by Print Mafia for  Tap Cancer Out

‘Meet The Tiger’ by Print Mafia for Tap Cancer Out


For more information visit The Well HERE.



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