Coming Soon: Gauntlet Gallery’s AU9USTO



On Saturday August 23rd San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery is opening its doors on ‘AU9USTO,’ a group show full of the beautiful, the strange, the erotic, and the in between.

The show features new work from Bennett Slater, Cheyenne Randall, Ian Reynold, Wednesday Kirwan, Justin Hopkins, and more.

The opening reception for AU9USTO is Saturday August 23rd 7:30PM – 10PM

Gauntlet Gallery

1040 Larkin Street

San Francisco 94109


'The Gaurdian Of The Glaciers' by Wednesday Kirwan

‘The Gaurdian Of The Glaciers’ by Wednesday Kirwan


'Demeter' by Bennett Slater

‘Demeter’ by Bennett Slater


'Dream (Hard)' by  William Arvin

‘Dream (Hard)’ by William Arvin


'No Sleep' by Justin Hopkins

‘No Sleep’ by Justin Hopkins


'Jaime 1' by Rebecca Adams

‘Jaime 1’ by Rebecca Adams


'People Like You' by Justin Hopkins

‘People Like You’ by Justin Hopkins


'Forlorn' by Cheyenne Randall

‘Forlorn’ by Cheyenne Randall


'Ryn' by Ian Reynold

‘Ryn’ by Ian Reynold


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