A Brief Look: Ken Taylor’s ‘This Island Earth’



For those that know the work of Australian illustrator Ken Taylor, his level of perfection is understood. Each image he creates is a masterfully detailed design. His recent solo show at the Mondo gallery in Austin played host to some of his most inspired work yet.

One that has stuck with me was his poster for 1955’s sci-fi adventure film ‘This Island Earth,’ a film most notable for being easily mocked and ridiculed, famously on Mystery Science Theater: The Movie. Outside of ‘Mystery Science Theater: The Movie’ the film’s other high note is as 1955’s 74th highest earner at the box office. Still, Taylor treated the film as if it had just come out, deserving of a poster of his caliber.

If, back in 1955, the potential audience for the film had seen Ken Taylor’s ‘This Island Earth‘ poster as their guiding light, it would have fared far better than 74th of that year.

Would it have still been a disregarded film? Possibly, but that poster would have endeared over time.


'This Island Earth' by Ken Taylor

‘This Island Earth’ by Ken Taylor


Ken Taylor’s ‘This Island Earth’ poster is still available at the Mondo online store HERE.


For photos of the opening night of Ken Taylor’s show at Mondo, check out the Nerdlocker article on the show. 



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