A Brief Look: The Fractured Art of Soey Milk



Hollywood based artist Soey Milk deals in the soft destruction of perfect beauty. Milk’s paintings are delicate and photo-real, her work is expertly rendered images of young women posed in moments of vague sensuality.

There’s a natural delicacy to her approach, yet her gentle brushwork is fractured with brave dabs of texture. Not one work encompasses all that she can do as an artist, it’s a subtle theme to her art that creates a consistent world. Milk has an eye for the quiet and calm and the techniques used change from piece to piece.

Not much information is out there about Soey Milk — A few facts. she’s an art student. She paints. Her studio is in Hollywood. My only contact with her work was in San Diego for Comic Con where I saw her drawings at the Eidolon Fine Arts booth, but her work stuck with me. Milk’s figures have a ghost-like awareness — her subjects display an understanding that escapes the viewer, but these women are inside of a shared world of Milk’s creation.


'Night Flow' by Soey Milk

‘Night Flow’ by Soey Milk


'Gekkakou' by Soey Milk

‘Gekkakou’ by Soey Milk


'Zakuroishi' by Soey Milk

‘Zakuroishi’ by Soey Milk


'Looping' by Soey Milk

‘Looping’ by Soey Milk



'Yunju' by Soey Milk

‘Yunju’ by Soey Milk

'The Scent Under the Moon' by Soey Milk

‘The Scent Under the Moon’ by Soey Milk


'Shin Mok' by Soey Milk

‘Shin Mok’ by Soey Milk


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