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Illustrator Dan Mumford attacks horror with his unique style of bold and vibrant fun and on July 17th he will add two more posters to his ever growing roster, with a limited number of copies of his regular and variant versions of ‘The Re-Animator‘ up in his store.

There’s a classic edge to his work and his ‘The Re-Animator‘ posters catch the camp and cult nature of the film.  These prints for ‘The Re-Animator‘ are a part of Fright Fest Originals, an incredibly well curated line of limited edition posters coming from the UK.

Another Mumford design now in the Fright Fest catalog is his take of ‘Christine,’ a few prints remain at the FFO Shop.

Mumford’s regular and variant edition ‘The Re-Animator’ prints will be available Thursday the 17th July at 4pm GM at Dan’s SHOP


'Re-Animator' regular edition by Dan Mumford

‘Re-Animator’ regular edition by Dan Mumford


‘Re-Animator’ Regular Edition

18″ x 24″ 3 Color Screenprint
Limited Edition of 40
Price: £35 GBP


'Re-Animator' variant edition by Dan Mumford

‘Re-Animator’ variant edition by Dan Mumford


‘Re-Animator’ Variant Edition

18″ x 24″ 4 Color Metallic and Glow in the Dark Gray Screenprint
Limited Edition of 24
Price: £35 GBP

For more information on these prints and to see more of Dan’s work, visit these handy links —

Dan Mumford Dot Com

Dan Mumford on Facebook

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