Now Showing: ‘All We Want is Everything’ at Gauntlet Gallery



Luke Lombardo and the crew at San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery are opening the doors on their new show ‘All We Want Is Everything‘ featuring work from Zofia Bogusz, Jeff Ramirez,  Johannah O’Donnell, and more. 

It could just be the weather, but the pieces that have previewed have the breezy feel of summer. There’s a brightness to them, an optimistic lightness like the sweat and the heated breeze of kids the city.

The show boasts some incredible names, and as all shows at Gauntlet Gallery go there are bound to be a handful of hidden gems.


‘All We Want Is Everything’ – Opening Reception Saturday May 3rd 7PM – 10PM

The exhibit is on display through May 24th at Gauntlet Gallery


'Dreamer' by Zofia Bogusz

‘Dreamer’ by Zofia Bogusz


'Cold Sun' by Zofia Bogusz

‘Cold Sun’ by Zofia Bogusz


'Fish And Chips' by Zofia Bogusz

‘Fish And Chips’ by Zofia Bogusz


'Affinity, Part 1 (diptych)' by  Johannah O'Donnell

‘Affinity, Part 1 (diptych)’ by Johannah O’Donnell


'Affinity, Part 2 (diptych)' by  Johannah O'Donnell

‘Affinity, Part 2 (diptych)’ by Johannah O’Donnell


'Fantasy Zone' by Jeff Ramirez

‘Fantasy Zone’ by Jeff Ramirez


'SSnakeSs' by  Jeff Ramirez

‘SSnakeSs’ by Jeff Ramirez


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