A Brief Look: The Posters of Justin Santora



The suburban landscape of America is seen by some as a place that deadens people — an enclave for the bland and simple. A place to hide, wither. You see films like ‘American Beauty’ that show the imagined darkness behind the doors of tract housing.

In some previous generation the idea of the suburbs was a way to welcome home soldiers, create families — build safe neighborhoods.

Artist and printmaker Justin Santora adds a touch of magic to his imagining of the suburban landscape. It glows in a golden light. Youthful longing. Reminiscing.

Santora gives a ‘Wizard of Oz’ like magic to his scenes of storms — natural disasters rendered in meditative calm.

His work is thoughtful with a zen-like approach to design and composition.


'Weltschmerz: A New Adventure Every Day' by Justin Santora

‘Weltschmerz: A New Adventure Every Day’ by Justin Santora


'Spring is Here' by Justin Santora

‘Spring is Here’ by Justin Santora



by Justin Santora


Phish gig posters by Justin Santora

Phish gig posters by Justin Santora


'Bad News for Naked Emporers' by Justin Santora

‘Bad News for Naked Emporers’ by Justin Santora


For more of Justin Santora’s work visit Justin Santora Dot Com



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