Dan Mumford’s ‘Legend’, an Ode to Bill Hicks

By Chris Jalufka | 03.12.2014



Illustrator and printmaker Dan Mumford has teamed up with Matt Harlock, the director and producer of the documentary ‘American – The Bill Hicks Story‘, for a print honoring  the 20th Anniversary of Hicks’ passing.

Mumford’s ‘Legend’ is quietly powerful — a respectful ode to the legendary comic. The satirist in ghost light. Nicotined fog in some strange nightclub otherworld.



'Legend' by Dan Mumford

‘Legend’ by Dan Mumford


‘Legend’ will be in Dan Mumford’s shop tomorrow, March 13th at 5PM GMT.


2 color screenprint | Metallic Silver Ink

16.5″ x 23.5″

30 available from an edition of 130

Each will be signed, stamped & numbered

£45 gbp




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