Mondo & Disney Preview ‘Nothing’s Impossible’

By Chris Jalufka | 02.04.2014


This weekend marks the start of SXSW. Austin’s premiere event for music, film, art — any project that needs an intelligent audience will find its way to the streets of Austin.

The major announcement in the art world is the collaboration of the Alamo Drafthouse’s own Mondo Gallery and Disney’s blog Oh My Disney for the poster exhibit ‘Nothing’s Impossible.’

The list of artists working on as yet named Disney properties was released weeks ago, but just recently have actual previews of the prints available been seen.

These designs are a rare chance for these illustrators to work in the well guarded and licensed universe of Disney properties. This first batch of previews gave us a few surprises. Namely, Jay Shaw‘s ‘Cat from Outer Space‘ is a top must-have in the House of ETDC.

Take a look —


'Alice in Wonderland' by Ken Taylor

‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Ken Taylor


'Sleeping Beauty' by Billy Baumann

‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Billy Baumann


'The Rescuers' by David Petersen

‘The Rescuers’ by David Petersen


'Up' by Kevin Tong

‘Up’ by Kevin Tong


'The Cat From Outer Space' by Jay Shaw

‘The Cat From Outer Space’ by Jay Shaw


'Winnie the Pooh' by Dave Perillo

‘Winnie the Pooh’ by Dave Perillo


'Fantasia' by Jeff Soto

‘Fantasia’ by Jeff Soto


'The Black Hole' by Kilian Eng

‘The Black Hole’ by Kilian Eng


'Wall-E' by Kevin Tong

‘Wall-E’ by Kevin Tong


'The Incredibles' by Tom Whalen

‘The Incredibles’ by Tom Whalen


'101 Dalmations' by Tiny Kitten Teeth

‘101 Dalmations’ by Tiny Kitten Teeth


'Aladdin' by Tom Whalen

‘Aladdin’ by Tom Whalen



‘Nothing’s Impossible’ opens Friday March 7th 2014 at 7PM  -10PM  at Mondo Gallery, Austin TX.















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