A Brief Look: Illustrator Dave Quiggle’s Disney



With their WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney, the entertainment behemoth has created something intimate and personal. The gallery focuses on underground talent — artists and illustrators that can bring something new and interesting to the iconic stable of characters that Disney is known for. These characters carry a certain history with them and it’s a thrill to see Disney curate a gallery with an approach that is both eclectic and true to its heritage.

Illustrator Dave Quiggle created a brilliant series of prints for the gallery’s Pop Fusion Exhibit that feel like stills from an antiqued cartoon reel. Quiggle, a skilled illustrator and tattoo artist, brings that bold and vibrant flash art touch to Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Donald Duck.

Quiggle brings out the innocent fun and joy in Mickey and the gang while giving them a contemporary splash that is graphic and bold. His designs are simple and grounded — weighed to the page with his smart mix of pops of color and aged tones.


'Mickey' by Dave Quiggle

‘Mickey’ by Dave Quiggle


'Donald's Temper' by Dave Quiggle

‘Donald’s Temper’ by Dave Quiggle


'Mickey' by Dave Quiggle

‘Mickey’ by Dave Quiggle


'Pinocchio's Tall Tale' by Dave Quiggle

‘Pinocchio’s Tall Tale’ by Dave Quiggle


'Oswald In The Rain' by Dave Quiggle

‘Oswald In The Rain’ by Dave Quiggle


'Snow White' by Dave Quiggle

‘Snow White’ by Dave Quiggle


For more of Dave Quiggle’s work —

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