Kilian Eng’s ‘Stargate’ On Sale Dec. 11th

By Chris Jalufka | 12.09.2013


Roland Emmerich’s 1994 film ‘Stargate‘ is a classic of modern science fiction. It features one of the greatest first acts in recent memory and introduced a universe that expanded with television shows (SG.1, SGU, Atlantis) and films (Ark of Truth, Continuum). ‘Stargate’ combined a refreshed ancient mythology and mystical science fiction into one of the most exciting films of the ’90s.

On Wednesday December 11th at 12PM (EST) Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng will be releasing a 24×36 eight color screenprint of ‘Stargate’ with the fine folks of


From Kilian Eng —

‘Stargate is an aesthetic masterpiece and fantastic adventure. To create a science fiction film and include one of, if not the most interesting and fascinating ancient civilizations in it is a great idea.

When I got the opportunity to create a print for ‘Stargate’ I knew right away that I wanted to draw the two guards with the appearances of Horus, the god of sky and protection and Anubis, the protector of the dead. Besides from being two of the most well known ancient Egyptian gods, they also look fantastic in the film, perhaps some of the coolest looking costumes in any sci-fi movie.

‘Stargate’ is a true classic adventure/sci-fi film that combines the ancient with high tech in a great way.’



Kilian Eng's 'Stargate' Regular released from

Kilian Eng’s ‘Stargate’ Regular released from


Kilian Eng's 'Stargate' Variant released from

Kilian Eng’s ‘Stargate’ Variant released from


Kilian Eng’s ‘Stargate’ goes on sale Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013 at 12PM (noon) EST

Print Run: Regular: 165  Variant: 75
Price: Regular (Blue): $50  Variant (Gold, with metallic inks): $65
Size: 24×36 inch
8 Color Screen PrintVia

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