A Brief Look: The Art of Erik Jones

By Chris Jalufka | 12.06.2013


As artist Erik Jones paints the human figure — the female form slips away and a simple beauty pushes through. His depictions of women are built within a loose structure of colored stripes, exploded forms of shattered light dressed across the body  — a headdress, a coat of armor.

It’s a a folding of the worldly — the dimensional, into a concrete space. The figure is there as an illusion, where the colored fragments exist as their true-self.


Erik Jones on Facebook

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Erik Jones’ Site


By Erik Jones

By Erik Jones


'Heirloom' by Erik Jones

‘Heirloom’ by Erik Jones


By Erik Jones

By Erik Jones


'Rose Systyla' by Erik Jones

‘Rose Systyla’ by Erik Jones


'The Dipped Seeker' by Erik Jones

‘The Dipped Seeker’ by Erik Jones


'The Dipped Queen' by Erik Jones

‘The Dipped Queen’ by Erik Jones

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