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In 1982, filmmaker Ridley Scott released ‘Blade Runner,’ a cerebral mass of science-fiction based on Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ The film is a stake in the ground in the dystopian landscape of modern science-fiction. ‘Blade Runner’ claims one of the most dire and human of stories.

There is a horrible sadness to the battle that replicant Roy Batty takes to Los Angeles — an android, a false-man, fighting through shit and piss to face Tyrell, his maker, his God. The robot Batty wants answers — why is he here? When will he die? Why can’t he live? 

The folks of Analog Sweden are exploring and expanding on Scott’s dour and antiqued future-world with their project ‘Moments Lost.’

They are crowd-funding the project through Indiegogo. Here are their goals —




From Analog Sweden

‘It started six months with our first Blade Runner tribute track, and after the great response it spawned the idea to make a whole album. We’re approaching the creation of the music with a rig similar to Vangelis’ original setup, of course including the Yamaha CS80, Roland VP-330 strings and Rhodes. On this track we also used the Prophet 5, Jupiter 4 and Analogue Solutions Vostok mk1. The working methods are also inspired by Vangelis, using a live and direct approach to capture the energy and feel of the original recordings where everything is played by hand. No midi is or will be used, only analog sequencers will be used.

Together with a professional writer we’re creating new small stories, called moments, that will be the themes for the music, and to please the eyes we’re working with illustrators Kilian Eng and HR-FM for the creation of the album art. 

We want to release cd, colored vinyl and an art booklet with illustrations for every track and documentation on the creation.

Moments Lost – sounds and visuals from a lost world. A project with music and art inspired by the world of Blade Runner.’ 


Illustrator Kilian Eng's bio for 'Moments Lost'

Illustrator Kilian Eng’s bio for ‘Moments Lost’


I spoke with illustrator Kilian Eng about his part in the project —

‘So far I have only read the first story called ‘The Escape’ and did some sketches for it. It’s based on the owl from Dr Eldon Tyrell’s office in the Tyrell headquarters. Should get the other ones this week hopefully.

However I will only illustrate two of them, the other ones will be done by HR-FM from Japan and other artists who take part in our art contest.’

The second illustrator involved is Japan based HR-FM, whose work melds nicely with the world of ‘Blade Runner’ and the designs of Eng.


HR-FM's bio for 'Moments Lost'

HR-FM’s bio for ‘Moments Lost’


I love seeing projects like this — artist’s making their own path to create what they want. No clients. No committee to get approval from. Creating for the sake of putting something into the world that they want to see exist.

For more information on the project and the contest for illustrators visit the ‘Moments Lost’ Indiegogo page.


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