A Brief Look: The Soft Dreams of Ariana Perez


The digital paintings of Barcelona based illustrator Ariana Perez are of the softest dreams — beautiful wisps of color drift across the computer screen.

I don’t know much about Ariana Perez, just this batch of paintings. There’s no Facebook. No main website. No Twitter or Tumblr. Just this set of images on Society6 and Behance. I searched for more and was able to find a limited amount of information —

Ariana Perez. Illustrator. Barcelona, Spain.’

There’s something appealing about this mystery. It’s a good example of how by simply showing great work you can get noticed. But here’s the thing — I want to see more. Know more about Ariana Perez.

There’s something to these paintings that make me want to know the background of the hands responsible. This is a good thing.


'Swan Love' by Ariana Perez

‘Swan Love’ by Ariana Perez


Perez paints a loneliness without sadness. These are dreams, but the ones that pass without incident. You get a face, a body. A sense of color and then it’s gone.

The figure in ‘Swan Love‘ hangs like a girl of smoke, someone you know you haven’t met, but maybe you have. She’s a form of static that I’ve seen in my sleep and I only know her when she floats through my dream-space.

The other portraits have the same affect —


'Pink Hair Lady' by Ariana Perez

‘Pink Hair Lady’ by Ariana Perez


'Lonely' by Ariana Perez

‘Lonely’ by Ariana Perez


'Raccoon Love' by Ariana Perez

‘Raccoon Love’ by Ariana Perez


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