A Brief Look: The Playful Art of Anne Benjamin

By Chris Jalufka | 09.25.2013


The work of illustrator and printmaker Anne Benjamin is delightful. Some might not like that word, but to me it rings true — her prints are full of delight. 

It could be the classic look of what she does. Benjamin’s designs immediately recall children’s books, but more refined. Sophisticated.


'Laura Marling' by Anne Benjamin

‘Laura Marling’ by Anne Benjamin


Her poster for Laura Marling’s performance in Chicago is so simple and effective. She takes that child-like drawing style and uses it for a morose scene — this poor bull, shot. The arrow, the blood.

The bull — a giant gently crumbling to the ground. A beautifully simple message told through bold and playful design.


'Young Adult' by Anne Benjamin

‘Young Adult’ by Anne Benjamin


Anne Benjamin's gig poster for Kishi Bashi.

Anne Benjamin’s gig poster for Kishi Bashi.


'Duck Tales' by Anne Benjamin

‘Duck Tales’ by Anne Benjamin


'A Fighting Man Of Ooo' by Anne Benjamin

‘A Fighting Man Of Ooo’ by Anne Benjamin


'Cuckoo Clock' by Anne Benjamin

‘Cuckoo Clock’ by Anne Benjamin


Anne’s designs have the same fantastical feel of a Disneyland ride poster. They show us childhood adventures. A promise of fun and excitement. Her work balances the child-like and the high-minded, like a children’s book created for mannered readers.

For more of Anne Benjamin’s work check out her site HERE. For Anne’s custom card and invitation work, head on over to Mok Duk.

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