Eric Petersen’s ‘Evil Tender’

One of my favorite artist finds is the work of illustrator Eric Petersen. His work is an open-ended narrative of strangely beautiful compositions.  One of the goals of Evil Tender Dot Com was to commission artwork from artists I love. It’s an interesting experience working with an artist to have them work with your idea in their own way.

I asked Eric if he would be up for creating an image for the site, and he agreed.


'Evil Tender' by Eric Petersen

‘Evil Tender’ by Eric Petersen


The basic concept for the piece and for the site is this — the working artist. Those crafts-people that build film sets, paint street signs. Make the ‘art’ in everyday life. It’s an honor to have an artist like Eric willing to create something specific for me, for the site.

I encourage everyone, like always, to go out and find artists they love and do the same thing. Contact them, say hello. Ask if they do commissioned work and get something original. It’s a great feeling.


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