A Brief Look: The Alien World of Illustrator Eric Petersen

Illustrator Eric Petersen offers up a world of strange indifference — a place of vacant characters, blind-eyed and static. The environments he creates feel like re-imagined science-fiction from a time when authors look passed aliens and star fights and saw the vastness of space, its emptiness, and wrote about worlds without time, gender, and politics. Each scene feels like it happened moments before the world ended, or seconds after the ash and fire of the apocalypse died and life moved forward.

His compositions are stripped of detail. They’re raw and quiet. A beautifully alien mood emerges from his use of odd perspective and the warm colors from an antique photograph.


'3  O'Clock' by Eric Petersen

‘3 O’Clock’ by Eric Petersen


These characters exist together in a world of acceptance, like an alien race with a great wisdom that prevents them from getting caught up in the same pettiness that clogs the lives of our modern world.

The placid tone of Petersen’s work is incredibly calming, yet he can turn the simple scene of two people loading the trunk of a sedan into a moment full of anxiety, wonder, and an unnameable creepiness.


'Vices of Leisure' by Eric Petersen

‘Vices of Leisure’ by Eric Petersen


'Killing Time' by Eric Petersen

‘Killing Time’ by Eric Petersen


'We Cause Accidents' by Eric Petersen

‘We Cause Accidents’ by Eric Petersen


'Adora' by Eric Petersen

‘Adora’ by Eric Petersen


'Nothing to Lose' by Eric Petersen

‘Nothing to Lose’ by Eric Petersen


'Getting Things Done' by Eric Petersen

‘Getting Things Done’ by Eric Petersen


Check out Eric Petersen’s site HERE and wander over to his Society6 Store over HERE.

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