A Brief Look: Dan Mumford’s ‘Death of Summer’ Prints

Dan Mumford is an illustrator out of London and he’s doing some great work. His prints are full of bold contrast and vibrant color. Mumford’s crisp line work and strong upfront designs have the feel of the Mexican folk art that surrounds Dia De Los Muertos ran through the modern world of heavy metal.

I’ m really digging his ‘Death of Summer’ collection of prints that he just put up in his store. There’s a mythic tone to them both — earthbound and organic with those Mexican style skulls almost looking alien, foreign.


'The Passing' by Dan Mumford

‘The Passing’ by Dan Mumford’


'The Fall' by Dan Mumford

‘The Fall’ by Dan Mumford


Mumford’s previous set of posters, ‘Nuclear Sunrise‘ and ‘Nuclear Sunset‘ both show a world on the verge of an apocalypse but still hopeful.


'Nuclear Sunset' by Dan Mumford

‘Nuclear Sunset’ by Dan Mumford


'Nuclear Sunrise' by Dan Mumford

‘Nuclear Sunrise’ by Dan Mumford


Check out more of Dan Mumford at his SITE and while you’re at it, why not peruse his series of shirts over at MUMFORD CLOTHING?

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