A Brief Look: The Art of Ryan Heshka

When you see a painting by Ryan Heshka it’s like walking into a theater in the middle of a film — the movie has begun, but you’re just in time to watch the story get going. The work is immediately striking and immersive.

Heshka’s world is vast in unknown fiction. His characters are recognizable from a distance; a sea creature, a vampire — an alien. You know them, but not this version.

His paintings depict the fun and whimsical side of science fiction and fantasy, the kind of fevered dream world of the pre-space era when the unknown inspired visions of heroes of super-strength and multi-dimensional suburban travel.

Heshka’s work has been shown in galleries across North America (that means you too Canada!) and has appeared in Vanity Fair, Playboy, Wall Street Journal, Esquire, the New York Times, and Smart Money.


'Manitoba' by Ryan Heshka

‘Manitoba’ by Ryan Heshka


His scenes often depict an unknown struggle — supernatural and organic. A dissolving suburban landscape of upright citizens against a new danger.

The women in Heshka’s paintings are a welcomed blend of both the sexual and the heroic, sometimes the monster — the destroyer of tiny men in anonymous space suits.


'Mystery Carpet' by Ryan Heshka

‘Mystery Carpet’ by Ryan Heshka


'Secret Delivery' by Ryan Heshka

‘Secret Delivery’ by Ryan Heshka


'The Six' by Ryan Heshka

‘The Six’ by Ryan Heshka


'Abduction' by Ryan Heshka

‘Abduction’ by Ryan Heshka


'Track 77' by Ryan Heshka

‘Track 77’ by Ryan Heshka


'Doctor Stories' by Ryan Heshka

‘Doctor Stories’ by Ryan Heshka


'Marvel Woman' by Ryan Heshka

‘Marvel Woman’ by Ryan Heshka


Pretty great stuff, huh? Man, I could keep going, but I won’t. You should head on over to his site and go through all the treasures in his archives.

Well. Okay.  How ’bout one more!


Cover for Ryan Heshka's children's book 'Welcome to Monster Town'

Cover for Ryan Heshka’s children’s book ‘Welcome to Monster Town’


For a peek into Heshka’s world, pick up a copy of his children’s book ‘Welcome to Monster Town‘ at Amazon HERE.

You really should do yourself a huge favor and check out more of Ryan Heshka’s work o’er HERE.

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