Laurent Durieux’s ‘U.S. to Europe by Air’ Raffle for Charity

When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago, every family member and every friend came together to help out anyway they could. I drove my nieces to cheerleading practice. Picked them up from school. Their grandmother made dinners and the fridge was always full.

It’s a team effort to keep a family running when a loved one is down. Now, a year after being diagnosed and months after her final radiation treatment, what’s left is a beautiful and healthy woman, but also a towering hospital bill. My sister’s cancer treatments are done, now it’s just time for her to recover and get back to the life she had to put on hold.


One of my favorite artists is Laurent Durieux, an illustrator of compelling and thoughtful images. His posters are epic — gorgeous. His recent work is in the film poster genre, but they are fine art of the highest order.

Laurent has offered up some posters to raise money to help out the family of Sophia Bijou Valdez, a three year-old that has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).




Durieux recently offered this announcement —

‘I have an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT so please listen close!!

I would like to raffle off one of my embossed and signed AP variants of US TO EUROPE BY AIR, along with the original concept sketch with 100% of the proceeds going to Lastleaf Printing’s little girl Sophia Bijou Valdez.

Tickets will be $10 each PayPal to John Davis at You may purchase as many tickets as you wish. Each ticket purchased will be assigned a number on a publicly viewable spreadsheet.

But only John will be able to update it which he will do frequently. This raffle will run until Saturday, June 15th and will be promoted publicly in all the poster groups. At the end of the raffle one of my children will draw the winning number on video which will be posted in the groups.’


'US to Europe by Ar' by Laurent Durieux

‘US to Europe by Ar’ by Laurent Durieux

'US to Europe by Ar' by Laurent Durieux

‘US to Europe by Ar’ by Laurent Durieux

This is just a human story. People mid-heartache and others coming in aid. What life should be really, and when you get a chance to interact with the human side of the internet and feel something real inside of the cold digital cosmos, you do it. You reach out, you help.

Now, I should say this — I don’t know Sophie or the Valdez family. They are strangers, but strangers going through an experience that can be dark, difficult — heartbreaking. My family recently made it through our own Years of Cancer, a tense and stressful chunk of time where every phone call and doctor’s visit puts you on edge. If putting a few dollars in a bucket can make Sophie’s life a little a better, that’s awesome.

Follow the links above and toss in a few $10 bills into the raffle and you never know, you may get lucky and win some amazing art. If not, you at least helped out a little girl through her fight against leukemia.

You can follow and ‘like’ Sophie’s Page on Facebook HERE.

To enter the raffle — PayPal John Davis at $10 per raffle ticket to enter to win Laurent’s amazing pieces.

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