The ‘Fat Birds’ of Mike Mitchell



The body of work of an artist, their ‘archives’, are not always what you would expect. This fact I find incredible. Diversity in content — linked in craft. Something like that.

Most worldly scavengers will recognize this piece —


'I'm With Coco' by Mike Mitchell

‘I’m With Coco’ by Mike Mitchell


A few years back this painting by Los Angeles based artist Mike Mitchell become an icon. It was used as a tool to mock the crass self-importance of big network hullabaloo. A slogan for Conan O’Brien, the underdog sent off to lick his wounds. The ‘I’m With Coco‘ phenomenon might have died down a bit, but this painting is alive and the man behind it is creating work that surpasses it in all ways.

The Mondo Gallery in Austin is currently hosting a solo show of over thirty new portraits by Mike Mitchell. Exciting? Yes. Yes, it is. But there’s more to the work of Mike Mitchell than what made him a big name. He tends to do his work in series — portraits. Superheroes. They’re connected through style and theme.

One of his lesser known series are his ‘Fat Birds’ paintings. I love these things. They’re misleading in the precise way that they’re depicted. It’s part scientific study and part whimsical portrait.



'Blue Grey' by Mike Mitchell

‘Blue Grey’ by Mike Mitchell



'Barn Swallow' by Mike Mitchell

‘Barn Swallow’ by Mike Mitchell


'Hummingbird' by Mike Mitchell

‘Hummingbird’ by Mike Mitchell


'Cardinal' by Mike Mitchell

‘Cardinal’ by Mike Mitchell


'Wood Thrush' by Mike Mitchell

‘Wood Thrush’ by Mike Mitchell


'Robin' by Mike Mitchell

‘Robin’ by Mike Mitchell


'Ruby Crowne Kinglet' by Mike Mitchell

‘Ruby Crowne Kinglet’ by Mike Mitchell


'Yellow Warbler' by Mike Mitchell

‘Yellow Warbler’ by Mike Mitchell


For more Mike Mitchell check out The Art of Mike Mitchell. Want to read a few more kind words about his work? Well, head on over to OMGPosters to read an interview with Mike about his show at Mondo.



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